88 Runway

Shikoku eighty-eight temples mix-and-match coordinate
Year: 2013
Venue: Shikoku eighty-eight sacred places
Material: Rambda print


There is a marketing term “branding”. This is no longer a word that is little known, which is one of the marketing strategies corporations and institutions take in order to promote the value such as sympathy and trust to a product from the customer. Working around this concept through design on a day-to-day basis sometimes makes me wonder, “What is the different between this and religions?”. On the other hand, in the modern world, shrines and temples have a certain aspect of transforming themselves into a “tourist attraction”, something to be consumed to match our society. In the precinct, you would rarely see a pilgrim with their formal costume, and even when there is one with a white gown with a buddhist stole holding a rod or walking stick, it ironically makes them look as if it is cosplay. To portray this cultural distortion in a self-critical way, this is a body of self-portrait work set in Shikoku eighty-eight sacred places, where gods in a world without gods are played by the artist wearing unisex ready-to-wear clothes in different combination for each places, using gods in a capitalist society symbolizing “brands”, and paths to shrines or temples as “runways”. This is my purification ceremony for having art and part in the daily commercial jobs, by going through unimaginable mortifications of making a pilgrimage carrying a huge amount of garments and fixing up my make-up on boiling hot days.