How many photos are stocked in your HDD? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe you have even saved tens of thousands. Just how many would there be if you included the images saved in your smart phone and uploaded to servers?

200,000 5MB photos can be saved in a 1TB HDD. Imagining the possibility of that HDD suddenly crashing, you hastily make backups, worried about losing your memories. In this stock of photos, you will probably also find a lot of useless photos with similar compositions from the same dates. Either these photos you put off judging the usefulness of self-multiply in the "duplication" loop, or the act of saving itself becomes the goal rather than saving content. Ancient people built rich cultures by spending excess resources for festivals, gambling, luxury, and magnificent memorial buildings. 

Photos (records) that only provide a sense of security fixate the images of our memories. "Detoxology” is a collection of works with the theme of encouraging the creation of a wholesome future through the pure consumption of excess stocked photos. That is, these are not detailed compositions of past images put together as structures, but the ruins of pure consumption, like putting all the images in the folder randomly into a juicer. 

To use the words of the great graphic designer Milton Glaser, “ART IS REMAIN.”

I feel refreshed consuming the stock of the past. Today, too, I will produce new images.