Family Reunion
Year: 2016
Venue: 21 Centry Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa) Material: 5 40-inch displays, plant seeds, moss, coral reef, centrifugal machine, pipetman, urethane foam, digital media, stuffed crow, fossil, glass, etc.
Size: H150 × W1000 × D150cm

The art work with “ tran smission” as theme. The speed of transmission has been explosively sped up thanks to the advances in technology. Luther’s religious transfor m would be have been made possible without typography, and the Internet teaches you what is happening on the other side of the planet. Advertisement and design industries are at the center of it, going to great pains in the daily “competition to propagate” to pass on “new information” that can easily be questioned of its necessity, or s oon pass i nto silence. T hi s kind of infor mation which does not transform into long-term memory, is a vulnerable item that is promised to be accessed with the technological infrastructure. While on the other hand, transmissions and memes (customs, techniques or stories that spreads throughout a culture either verticall y by cultur al inheritance) are the “slow information” that crosses from one generation to another. They are handed down for generations regardless of technology, unintentional ly but defi nitely as if they are secret codes. This work depicts the humans trying to pass on the information by placing it inside their genes during “The Last Supper” before the tec hnology goes extinct. “Objects are what matter. Only they carry the evidence that throughout the centuries something really happened among human bein gs.” Claude Lévi-Strauss