I’d rather be a shellfish

Year: 2015
Venue: Kumagusuku (Kyoto)
Material: Magnesium sulfate, Extra virgin olive oil, resin, brass
Size: Print / 20cm × 40cm、Installation

Jewelry formed in a human body.
All told, internal buildup is excretion, the forming process of gallstone through detoxing (Lever flush program). is to practice a special diet therapy program for about 2 days to release the gallstones present in the liver and bile duct to improve the liver and digestive function by purifying the liver. (※1) By withstanding the suffering of foreign substances into the body and fasting, the body wastes are condensed and excreted as a gallstone outside the body. This is the same as that of pearls. The concept is to intellectualize the correlation of the pain and the beauty by admiring and wearing the waste as fashion, that is derived through “accumulating the beauty by enduring the wrench and rolling up the foreign substance”.

※1:This liver detox program was mentioned in the book "The Cure for all Diseases" written by Dr. Clark (Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark) and is one of the popular home remedies for its high effectiveness in the United States and elsewhere .