Ring, Spiral, Loop, Birthday

Year: 2014
Venue: G/P+g3 gallery、Tokyo
Material: Rambda print
Size: variable

Photography, when seen as itself, is no doubt that holds realistic space with a depth. However, what happens if the photography is included in another space? Its outline suddenly becomes visible, and makes you realize that it was just an image. This bears a strong resemblance with the structure of a play within a play. The border between the image and the reality becomes vague, with the world melting world around it. The suspicion arise that our reality is not so sure after all. The value of “what the photo is portraying” and “how the image is treated” might be equal. I weave the images by gathering, complementing, and connecting the pieces of the world that is fragmented and scattering to create a parallel universe that embraced everything.