Space suit reflects light well

Midnight. A world with no sun.

The moonlight reflects on my body, and illuminates the subject.

The subject also reflects the light. Body, thing, environment influence each other. Each one of them linking, melting into one another, and boundaries become vague.

※ In 1969, NASA sent Apollo 11 to the surface of the moon, and the captains of the Neil Alden Armstrong, landed on the moon for the first time in the existence of mankind. (I am sure that many of you have seen those photos and videos.) However, there are some people who say that this great achievement is a hoax, and spread conspiracy theories.

There is a plausible basis to this. That is the way the photograph that the Neil Alden Armstrong's captain took of pilot Buzz Aldrin when he stepped down from the lunar module onto the surface of the moon looks. Mr. Buzz Aldrin is, according to the sun, behind the landing module. For that reason, one of the basis is that Buzz Aldrin ought to be in the shadow of the Spaceship and should be photographed as being darker. And an important light source was overlooked for a long time, and its consistency could not be confirmed. That important light source is the "photographer". 

NVIDEA's Contents Development Senior Director, Mr. Mark daily, remarked, "The sun and the light coming off of the moon's surface are doing the majority of the work, but there's probably a 10ish-percentage of additional light coming off of Neil Armstrong's space suit."